Plot: The quarry monsters

Well known for its marble and Slate quarries, southern vermont was a booming area during the late 19th century, and saw an influx of various immigrants. The Irish and Germans specifically seemed drawn to mining towns and many up and down the state of Vermont. In particular the area in the Triangle had many “Shanty” towns that sprung up to keep miners safe during their off shifts. They now are no more than stone foundations in the ground, but at the time they would house five to six men a piece.

These towns around Glastenbury were plagued by a strange set of monsters. Supposedly when ever a crew dug into Glastenbury mountain there was a chance of the “shriskee” so named because of their sounds they made, would enter your camp. Various tools would go missing or get broken, and there would be gouges in the doors in the morning. Many camps tried, and failed, to take care of the problems, and according to one story, some even were wiped out in a night of deadly claws and fangs.

To this day people still continue to See these creatures, and they are described as monkeys with spiders legs coming off their backs. Spotting seem rare now a days though.

Plot for Doc:
Currently strange noises have been heard from hold mining shafts and a Free councilor has been lost down in the tunnels. You have been sent here to look into these disappearances.

Plot: The quarry monsters

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