Glastenbury mountain.

The natives of the region call it the “Mountains where the four winds meet”. They spoke of a great evil with in the mountain, a stone that would eat those foolish enough to step on it, one that was never in the same place twice. They spoke of an enraged spirit trapped behind the winds and waiting for its chance to take revenge on the world, though for what no one knew.

The settlers in the region were no different, they all had their stories. Dudleytown, Glastenbury Somerset, and even Bennington itself had strange tales. Deaths that were unexplained, people going insane, workers that spoke of strange creatures crawling from the mines and quarries to devour whole families. Some towns died, and despite what the ‘experts’ say, if you ask anyone from that area they will lower their voice, shift closer to the fire and whisper “Its the curse.”

Welcome to the shadow of the Mountains.

Where the four winds meet

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